The Santa Fe Business School is a transdisciplinary community that goes beyond the boundaries of scientific understanding. Its aim is to generate a group of professionals who will discover, comprehend, and communicate the fundamental principles in complex dynamics, computational, and social systems that underlie many of the most profound questions facing economic, financial and social matters today.

Many of society’s most pressing problems fall far from orthodoxy and standard solutions. Complex problems require new answers for old questions: those result from thinking about non-equilibrium and highly connected complex adaptive systems.

Therefore management consulting is today a branch of a major advanced concept. And management consulting is an holistic tool that brings solutions at the interfaces between public government, corporations, entrepreneurs and the public in general.

The firms excescising their own expertise all over the world need educational programs. Through our programs we can aspire to expand professional communities, and in that way can assure the best professional answers to those questions asked by the clients.