The Santa Fe Associates International board of directors has the pleasure to inform that it has separated its educational, training and research activities into another sister organization.

The SANTA FE BUSINESS SCHOOL, an incorporated company based in Cyprus, will serve through an e-learning program to all the SFAI partners and to manage the most modern tools based on complex adaptive systems. Through this process, professionals will have the best answers for the already known questions of their clients in matters linked with management advisory services, auditing, accounting and corporate and social psychology and sociology.

I must thank our Academic Board that helps us in a very strong way our possibility to maintain our both organisations at the highest level and therefore offer to our more than 80 partners around the world the most updated technology.

Our organisations´ professional picture is the strongest it has been in several years, as seen in the evolution of our offices and the high interaction they created with their own clients.

We shall be updating our information and the latest news through this web site, so I beg you to continue visiting us and send your comments to

Dr. Alfredo L. Spilzinger [PhD]
Santa Fe Business School President